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Don Wilkinson, Construction engineer with experience dating back to the late 1950s and founder of WILKINSON SMITH CONTRACTORS LTD in AUCKLAND was appointed Chairman Auckland Branch of the NZ Contractors Federation in 1997 – 98 at a time when the NZ Government mandated Roll over Protection Structures and Seat Belts in mobile mechanical plant and Construction machinery.

Understanding that if the operators failed to actually wear the seat belts there would be little improvement to safety. Don put his mind to the causes of driver resistance to seat belts. It was very apparent that the seat belts, as originally configured, were difficult to engage and disengage. He came up with the Concept of SPRINGBELT tm whereby the seat belt remained erect when not in use. The design is much simpler and easier to use and the concept of it being a nuisance and frustrating, until used, is the basis the of the Patents.

Easy to spot

Easy to use

Following initial production, two companies were formed in Auckland by Don around 2002.
SPRINGBELT tm Concept Ltd to continue development and INDUSTRIAL SEATBELTS LTD (ISL) to market the product along with ALL types of machinery seatbelts.

Don retired from the construction industry and sold a substantial shareholding in ISL to a Christchurch company,
Seat Belt Sales Ltd. (SSL) owned by Doug Pflaum.

INDUSTRIAL SEATBELTS LTD is now operated as ISL but by SSL in Christchurch. Orders are commonly supplied by overnight courier to all parts of New Zealand. This way one outlet serves both the Industrial and Automotive markets with a wide range of occupant restraints.


You’re 4 times safer with a seat belt ON!


Founder Don Wilkinson


Mg Director Doug Pflaum