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As with all the best ideas the Springbelt Concept is simple.  The Springbelt is designed to get in the way and be a nuisance.  That is UNTIL you do it up.  Once fastened it is a comfortable padded seatbelt that could save the life of the operator.  Springbelt is the single most effective thing you can do to ensure your operators are complying with seat belt policies and wearing their seat belt.  In the event of a roll-over you may well be saving a life or preventing serious injury.

So easy they will use it!

EASY          COMFORTABLE          SAFE

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Options Available: Colour - Charcoal Grey or Orange

Auto-lock Retractor or Fixed Adjustable Belt

Charcoal Grey Adjustable version shown.  Also available with Auto lock Retractor, also available in Orange.

(Pat NZ, AUS Pend US)

In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of construction safety and the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act.

This has brought about changes in safety management with regard to operators and occupants of mechanical construction plant, tractors, dozers, loaders, excavators and the like.

Roll over, Tip over and various other protective structures have been introduced and became mandatory on most plant in December 2000 in New Zealand. This is in line with world wide change.

Included in the protective equipment are seat belts to ensure the occupant stays in the protected area in the event of a tip over.

Without the correct and consistent use of the provided belts other protective measures are of little benefit

Research has revealed an almost universal reluctance or disregard of seat belts by operators of construction plant

Reasons cited vary from forgetfulness or general disinterest to a common misconception that it is safer to jump, than to stay in the seat. This last assumption has been proven false and the law requires compliance in the use of seat belts.

Regardless of company policy statements and disciplinary recourse, the fact remains that operators from the UK to NZ are just not wearing the seat belts provided.

SPRINGBELT CONCEPT provides a solution which is simple, convenient if used, inconvenient if not used, low cost, safe and capable of being monitored.

SPRINGBELT CONCEPT is the concept of providing a suspension system that supports any operator restraint mechanism, belt bar harness etc., in such a position when not engaged, that the operator is frustrated and inconvenienced.

Further, any observer or supervisor can readily see if the restraint is not being used.

The SPRINGBELT mechanism consists of two components:

1 An adjustable half lap belt supported to be near at hand, normally on the left side of the seat.

2 A moulded urethane hollow belt "spring" enclosing the receiving belt and supporting the receiving buckle directly across the operator's lap. The belt is highly visible, cannot be pushed aside and is readily at hand for engagement.

(A retractor can be supplied as an alternative to the half lap belt if room permits but this alternative tends to limit freedom of movement when reversing)

With SPRINGBELT CONCEPT seat belts will no longer be "lost" under lifting chains, rags or grease cartridges stored behind the seats.

Recoil type belts are commonly left ignored in their retracted position.

SPRINGBELT cannot be ignored.

Electronic lock out systems are difficult and expensive to retrofit, can be troublesome, and totally prevent use without engagement.

SPRINGBELT has none of these drawbacks, are easily fitted, dependable and Certified to NZ, AUST and ISO Standards

SPRINGBELT can be applied to Excavators, Scrapers, Dozers, Rollers, Compactors, Loaders, Diggers, Dumpers, Cranes, Fork-trucks, Farm Tractors, Mowers and more.

SPRINGBELT CONCEPT should be applied to them all.

SPRINGBELT CONCEPT Practical Injury Prevention.

The Autolock retractor requires a minimum of 60mm space beside the seat.  This may prevent installation in some machinery.

Optional Accessories:

Tether Straps - these are required on suspension seats.  These straps ensure that the suspension seat cannot break free in the event of a rollover


Floor Fixing Kit - Necessary on older equipment where the Springbelt must be anchored directly to the equipment chassis


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